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Drakes Sports

Jenkintown vs. York County Tech

Posted Friday, September 11, 2009 by Mike Prince
For the second straight season, Jenkintown opened its season with a matchup with York County Tech.

Unfortunately, for the Drakes, they found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard this time, losing 14-6 last Saturday after a late touchdown by Tech with only four minutes remaining in the game put the game away.

Jenkintown quarterback Pat Stillmun threw a 29-yard touchdown pass to Devon Perkins to close the gap to 8-6 in the fourth quarter, but the Drakes’ defense could not keep Tech out of the end zone.

“The defense played well, but we had some minor breakdowns and weren’t consistent,” Jenkintown coach Hal Smith said.  “In the first half, we couldn’t get our offense going.  In the second half, we had some defensive breakdowns and couldn’t get a full game together.

Davon Talley led Tech with 169 rushing yards, while Jack Kinniry led the Drakes with 50.

“They played hard,” Smith said.  “It was a really hot day and certainly a tough day to play a game.  It was good to see the kids play hard and I know they will all season.  We just have to look forward to next week.”

                                   4            16          95       1        0
Pat Stillmun             4              9           95       1       0
Kevin Hull                 0              7             0      0        0

TEAM RUSHING   ATT       YDS        Lng     TD
                                   30         106         27
Kevin Hull                   5          15            7
Pat Stillmun                3           3             6
Shawn McCarthy     12         38             15
Jack Kinniry              10         50            27

                                           4      95            32      1
Aden Twer                        1      32            32      0
Devon Perkins                1      29           29      1
Erik Stumpo                     2     34             18    0

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